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第十二話 [Installment 12]

Hello everyone,

I’m writing to all 39 of you from Tokyo, Japan! The next 7 editions will be from the Land of the Rising Sun. Stay tuned every Sunday.

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“Mr. Connors, as of this moment, there is nothing I can do to help you.”

The flight attendant’s calm, unwavering stare signaled the end of our interaction.

I was not going home that day.

It was Thanksgiving morning. I groggily woke up at 4:30 am and went upstairs to wake my roommate who was driving me to the airport.

With me, I carried my backpack with carry-on essentials and two whale-like suitcases. A trafficless, 20-minute ride to the airport was the ideal start to the 24-hour trip ahead of me.

“Thanks for the ride brotha. See you in 8 weeks.”

I get to the check-in desk and hurl my bags onto the scale.

“Passport please.”

I hand the assistant my passport and wait for her to check my bags and hand me my boarding pass.

Why aren’t my bags on the conveyor belt? Why isn’t the boarding pass in my hands?

I look up to see her typing furiously.

My heartbeat increases. I check the time, 5:15 am, plenty of time before my 6:15 am flight. I’ll make this flight, not a problem. She’s still typing. Why’s she still typing? My heart pumps faster. I’m going home today. I have to.

She finally looks up. And, with that calm, unwavering stare, she stops my heartbeat.

“Mr. Connors, I apologize, your flight has been canceled.”

Hold on. That doesn’t make any sense. My flight leaves at 6:15 am. I see it on the departures screen. I see it! I get on that flight to Atlanta then I’m going to Tokyo. I’m leaving today. I’m going home! NO! DAMN IT!!!

“Mr. Connors, as of this moment, there is nothing I can do to help you.”

Clenching my fist like Arthur, I took a deep breath before I spoke.

She didn’t cancel the flight. She was just the messenger. Never kill the messenger.

“Happy Thanksgiving ma’am. I know this wasn’t fun for either of us.”

“Thank you for that sir. Very kind. Happy Thanksgiving to you as well”

Even though my plans shattered, I walked away with my dignity intact.

Sauntering out of the airport, I felt the rage boil within me. As soon as I exited through the automatic doors, I dropped to the ground and screamed at the sunrise.

My Uber drove me back to my apartment. 3 hours had passed since I left and I went nowhere.

But that 3-hour journey between my apartment and the airport cemented a tremendous sense of gratitude. I can get another plane ticket. Who cares. This is a gift, not a curse.

I now had one more day to spend with my friends. Instead of Thanksgiving on a plane, I get to celebrate it with the people I call home.

Enough sulking, more thanking. Grateful for all that’s happened in 2020 and this Thanksgiving.

I’ve made it home.

1. The Art of the Cold DM

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about how exactly I got my opportunity with Robbie and Performative Speaking.

Well, last night I wrote a thread showcasing the exact steps I took to Cold DM my way to working with him.

Main Takeaways:

  1. Reach out to the right people

  2. Be value-centric

  3. Have a clear CTA

I’m still perfecting my DM skills. To ensure success, I joined a new community called The Art of the Profitable DM. It’s created by friend Cam Martinez. Join me in there!

2. Japan Food Dump

I couldn’t resist. Enjoy these two photos of my first couple of meals in Japan. Oh, how blessed I am.

3. “It doesn’t matter how good a life you’ve led. There’ll still be people standing around the bed who will welcome the sad event…” — Marcus Aurelius

You'll be judged. Always. Regardless of the character you portray.

Why not, then, be judged for your true character?

Be judged for you. Don’t be judged for a facade.

Thank you for spending your precious attention with me today.

It means the world.

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