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第七話 [Installment VII]

Welcome back to lucky number 7 of Pursuing Progress.

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I’m writing to all 33 of you from Dallas, TX, where I’ve been working with the Performative Speaking team to put the finishing touches on the course.

The inaugural cohort of Performative Speaking begins tomorrow! Unbelievable.

As I write this newsletter, I can’t help but reflect on how this all started. I reached out to Robbie exactly two months ago on August 18th, asking if we could chat. That zoom call turned into an opportunity I couldn’t even imagine for myself. In the past 60 days, I’ve met countless creators, entrepreneurs, and growth-minded folk who’ve pushed me to pursue progress in my personal & professional life — I couldn’t be more grateful.

To the 33 of you who have followed me on this journey — I can only say one thing — Thank You.

Thank you for your constant support, love, and friendship. There’s much more to come in the future. Stick around.

On to Pursuing Progress.

1. Make Your First Online $

On Friday night, I was having sushi with the PS team. After a few nigiri, rolls, and beers, Robbie looks up at me and said, “We got another sign-up. His name is ___.”

The name sounded familiar, and I looked through my Twitter DM’s to see if that familiarity was made-up. It wasn’t.

I had spoken to that person about the course, and through our conversation, he had purchased the course.

I had my first close.

I was in a state of shock. I had just made my first online $. It still doesn’t feel real.

When I started writing and Twitter in late July, I never imagined there would be monetary gains from it. All I envisioned was putting myself out there and telling my story as a student-athlete. As I’ve gotten involved with the course, my eyes were opened to a whole new world of possibilities.

Building in public is the best decision I’ve made as a creator. You can look back to Installment 1 of this newsletter and see how I’ve progressed. It’s not much, but it’s more than nothing.

I feel like I still have no idea what I’m doing — and that’s okay. I’m slowly learning that everyone you think’s figured it out is still figuring it out.

Whatever your vision is for yourself, go for it, relentlessly. There’s literally nothing in this world you can’t do. I’m rooting for you.

2. This Visual by Aaron Aalto

Aaron is one of my biggest inspirations on Twitter. Smart and Creative, but most importantly, Consistent. Trust the Process and see what comes. It will come…eventually.

3. Performative Speaking Cohort 2!

Sign-ups for Cohort 1 have closed…BUT! The waiting list for Cohort 2 has just opened up. We’re planning on launching #2 on January 11th. Sign up here.

If you want to chat more about the course and see if it’s a fit for you, reply directly to this newsletter or hit me up in the DM’s — they’re always open.

In case you missed it:

[Freestyle Friday]

I screwed up. I missed it. Being in Dallas for the week made it extremely difficult for me to get some juggling in. To my loyal followers, I’m sorry. I promise I’ll be back next week. I promise!

[Robbie/Brandon Podcast]

My good friend Brandon Zhang had Robbie on his podcast. If you want to read a summary of a podcast, this is the one you’ll want to read.

That’s all for this week’s Pursuing Progress.

Thanks for spending your time and attention this Sunday with me. I appreciate you very much.

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